Алекса и Кэти, трейлер


12/04/2018 19:28

Алекса и Кэти, 1 сезон

Дата выхода: 23 марта 2018 года

Канал: Netflix

В ролях: Надя Алая, Alyssa Jirrels, Эмери Келли, Керри Меддерс, Иман Бенсон, Тиффани Тиссен, Джоли Дженкинс, Скотт Уордхем, Финн Карр, Пэрис Берелс, Каттер Митчелл, Adam Ian Cohen, Isabel May, Мэрит Лейтон, Эдди Шин

your life that you really need a friend

sometimes you get something even better

you get a Katie I'm gonna see how it's

going upstairs


get out your school schedules 1 2 feet

and this is my best friend Katie we're

about to start high school oh my gosh

dozen three days oh my gosh that's in

three days it just might not be what we

expected why did he tell me when school

starts instead of seeing me everybody's

going to see cancer

hashtag here for you everybody's gonna

know me as the sick girl and I'm so much

more than that what if you're not the

only one they're noticing okay Katie

you are the best friend that anyone

could all oh you just did I don't know

what part of school I'm the most excited

about Rowley

we should probably go in no what if the

doctor doesn't claim me for school it's

gonna be okay yes oh I was talking to my


we are so amazing your daughter so brave

mom you have a - cries a week maximum

don't blow through in one day what's so

great let's do something our moms will

hate I was thinking more like an ice

cream cone there are certain times in

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